Sales Agent Chat Bot

What makes our SalesPlatform completely unique is the way our users can use features provided by the platform. For now each every CRM or Sales Management platform requires users to login to some web or desktop system which has more/less friendly graphical user interface where you can work with dozens of forms filling the data in and ordering some reports. Basically that means that data capture happens by means of specialized User Interface. Each application has its own UI, which typically carried a remarkable resemblance with the underlying data model, represented as a database table in a relational database.

How exactly can our Sales Assistant help our Sales Agents:

  • it can take care of managing users calendar for example by reminding about incoming customer meetings or some other activities that have been previously scheduled,​​​​​​​
  • It can automate tasks like for example checking for payments done by the customers and if some payment is missing it can automatically send a reminder to the customer,
  • At any point of time it can provide a consolidate (report) information regarding a particular contract, customer or product,
  • It can remind users about.